Soil Analysis

Soil Sampling Services

Fields are sampled according to industry standards and can be analysed by Bioindustrial Services.

Why Is Soil Sampling Important?
Soil sampling can earn money by indicating the correct fertiliser analyses required for crops and identifying yield-limiting deficiencies.

Fertile, well maintained soils are more productive than those with marginal soil indices and the crops grown use nitrogen efficiently, reducing the risk of environmental pollution.

Soil sampling saves money by indicating where nutrients are not required, particularly phosphate, potash and sodium

What Does A Routine Soil Sample Analysis Include?
Phosphate, potash, magnesium and pH. It is also possible to include boron, sodium, sulphur, copper and zinc analysis.
Soil nutrients, bacteria, pH levels and more are reported in a professional report, where everything is laid out in a clear and user friendly manner.

Have there been any changes to the chemical properties of my soil over time.

Additionally, establishing a fertile soil will improve:

Soil testing

Bioindustrial Services offers a wide variety of flexible soil analysis groups to cover the needs of all regions and crops in Australia. The flexibility we offer in our analaysis also means we can custom quote any specific projects requiring testing outside our standard test analysis groups. APAL provides the innovative option of choosing how your data output is presented. Flexible delivery of data to meet your needs, which may be summary reports displaying critical levels, excel data or direct delivery into your nutritionor management systems.